Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Playing the Hooker!

Yeah it's terrible that I took one month to recover from the end-of-old-year-beginning-of-new-year blues. I have been crafting on and off but mostly picking up the threads of an old hobby - crocheting doily. It all started from seeing a gorgeous japanese doily book ( I will post a link when I find one) and deciding to do one crochet doily a month. So I spent most of January 1st nursing a hangover and crocheting this -

The center is crocheted with Coats and Clarks Floretta, leftovers from my tatting days and I didn't have enough to finish the doily so I did the outer edges with DMC Traditions. Floretta is a stiffish thread - great if you don't want to block but so hard on the hands. Traditions seems to create fuller stitches and has more drape.

It took me about a week to finish it. Here's a closer peek -

Watch out for the February one next month.

On the knitting front, I have started the Hemlock Ring blanket and that's goin on fast track cos I do want to send it to my sister in New Zealand by the 1st week of February.

And I finally sucked it in and blocked the lace fichu I finished in April last year.

Red Fichu from Baxter Knits
500yds of
HandPainted yarn.com Laceweight Red Pagoda

I've realised that I really need to take each month at a time - can't seem to concentrate for too long these days. I am feeling restless under the weight of so many WIPS. So I decided to practice some serial monogamy for a few months and stop project whoring until my cupboards are no longer overflowing with WIPs. Wish me luck!