Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blankie Mania

Knitnut has officially gone insane and joined Blankie Mania.

It wasn't an easy process - but it all started when I finished the Aspen Grove Shawl (not yet blocked so no nice photoes of that yet) and was casting around for something to start. Yes it is a hopeless cycle. Despite the loads of WIP I have scattered around, I still need to cast on something new everytime I finish something.

I thought of the Swirl Shawl from Jojoland but I had to get to wait for the kit to arrive. And then Sally points me to this little blog and .... well you know the rest....

But the biggest challenge for me was the conscious decision that I shall never use all those balls of sock yarn I had collected. I have done maybe 2.5 socks in the last 4 years. One for my sis, who confessed she used them only in coldest of winter nights in somewhat balmy Auckland. The other sock I made, languishes in my drawer - no matter what it's just too hot to use.

The whole problem with this blankie is that it takes literally a thousand squares to make up and I certainly don't have a thousand balls of sock scraps. BUT I shall not worry about that now, I shall just use what I have now and oh dear, I'll just have to buy more sock yarn :) and add slowly as I go along.


Still there are still some sock yarns which will be not going into this blankie - the Dream in Colour Smooshy I just got and the STR I had saved for the longest time.
And this lovely Claudia's handpainted was a tough decision too.


And so here is my progress as of Friday night


With my favourite square being...


And if you want to have a look at pics of other sock blankies have a look at this Flicker Photo stream