Friday, March 23, 2007

Monotone - ous

You guessed it - it's going to be a stitch post.

I figured a non knit post is better than none at all and at least some crafty stuff is going down in my part of the world. I got my eightsome reel back from the framers and was surprised that he decided to put the hanging bits on a diagonal so that it hung like this

I'm not sure I like it..

In honour of this finish I had started 3 more stitching projects. Yes it looks like a whole new bout startitis with a whole new hoby but this time I WILL limit it to 3 projects at any one time. I also need to make one of the three a small and quick project in order for me keep feeling motivated.

This is my small-ish project - Quaker 6 mains a Mystery sampler collaboration from Gigi and Carinne of "Broder Ensemble" and "Le 498" and Jackye of "A Mon ami Pierre". It's no longer a mystery so anyone can go the link and download the whole sampler.

Quaker 6 mains on 40 ct white linen and HDF Turkey Red

The second start is Paradigm Lost from LongDogs Designs using custom dyed Dip & Twist cotton thread from my friends Niza and Leena.
I specified a blue greyish tones and Niza added a bit of green so that it looks marvelously warmer than the cool tones I was thinking of. A good choice against the beige 22ct hardganger fabric I have chosen don't you think?

There has been a bit of knitting actually and one project is close to the finish line so I hope to get pics up of that in the next post.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I thought I'd ease mysef back into knitting by doing something simple and fast. So when my colleague asked me to knit a chemo hat for her dad undergoing chemotherapy, I jumped at the chance to try out Topi.

It was a fast knit using the Rowan's All Season Cotton leftovers from Samus. Camouflage green is a nice manly colour and I just love the yarn.

It took my two nights but as I was binding off and looking at the picture I noticed something strange. The brim look very much shorter than in the picture.

Topi in ASC

Looked over the pattern again and I noticed that I did not read this line -
Work back and forth in stockinette st until brim measures 1 inch, ending with a WS row.

just before the short rowing.

So I have to go back and finish this thing tonight.

The pattern is so easy and fast, I'm planning another one in girly pink. Hopefully this will ease me in to start back on my other WIPs.