Friday, March 23, 2007

Monotone - ous

You guessed it - it's going to be a stitch post.

I figured a non knit post is better than none at all and at least some crafty stuff is going down in my part of the world. I got my eightsome reel back from the framers and was surprised that he decided to put the hanging bits on a diagonal so that it hung like this

I'm not sure I like it..

In honour of this finish I had started 3 more stitching projects. Yes it looks like a whole new bout startitis with a whole new hoby but this time I WILL limit it to 3 projects at any one time. I also need to make one of the three a small and quick project in order for me keep feeling motivated.

This is my small-ish project - Quaker 6 mains a Mystery sampler collaboration from Gigi and Carinne of "Broder Ensemble" and "Le 498" and Jackye of "A Mon ami Pierre". It's no longer a mystery so anyone can go the link and download the whole sampler.

Quaker 6 mains on 40 ct white linen and HDF Turkey Red

The second start is Paradigm Lost from LongDogs Designs using custom dyed Dip & Twist cotton thread from my friends Niza and Leena.
I specified a blue greyish tones and Niza added a bit of green so that it looks marvelously warmer than the cool tones I was thinking of. A good choice against the beige 22ct hardganger fabric I have chosen don't you think?

There has been a bit of knitting actually and one project is close to the finish line so I hope to get pics up of that in the next post.

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