Friday, December 23, 2011

Moorish Mosaic Afghan

The original is a mosaic of earthy colours evoking the balmy skies of the south of Spain.

Since it was published in Interweave Crochet, hundreds have been choosing their own medley of colours and all of them have been breathtaking

You can see my medley of colours in the three motifs I made below, Grass Green, Deep Rose Red, Light Orange, Light Salmon, Lilac and my main colour Grey.


I think I may have been too ambitious by choosing to use a variety of mercerised cotton instead of worsted weight yarn.

Originally planning for a baby blanket of 9x9 motifs - that has changed to 4 x 4 and possibly even 4 x5.

Here's where it stands now ( pic by Instagram with Lomofi filters)

All ready to go then realise I forgot to bring my hooks!

BUT here I am already to start crocheting during the Christmas break in Malacca when I realise I forgot to bring my hooks.


Here's the google image search "Moorish Mosaic Afghan" for your inspiration