Thursday, January 22, 2009

Get Your Knit On

I promised the gals the report and photos from our recent KL knitting meet up on the 17th January 2009.

Jackie brought her Diamond Fantasy Shawl that was knit with ( wait for it)... 9 balls Jaeger Roma. Woot! I take my hat off to you Jackie, I can't bring myself to use my stash of Roma on a shawl! It was the most cushiest shawl ever but still...

The other girls brought their knitting too.

Kenti was knitting a baby project.

Hanne knitting continental.

Basqueiz brought her knitted doily.

I didn't get a good picture of Hernik but I got a close-up of her hands and her little bag.

Last but not least, Sally arrived with her hand-dyed yarn and modeled one of her cowls.

If you are wondering about the different colour quality of the photos - that's because I've been playing around with Photoshop. I left the hand-dyes in their original colour though, so you can see it in its natural glory.

I am just about to unveil my new FO- just need to get some decent photos first. Till next time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Toying with ideas.....

Which is all I have been doing these past few months.... other than working on the Sock Yarn Blankie Monster.

It's eating all my time and motivation. I don't feel like starting anything new nor do I never finish what I start.
But the New Year brings in new resolutions and I guess the easiest way to restart my knitting mojo is to have quick wins whenever I can.

So .... here is my first FO for January 09


Snagged a colleague in the office who had the misfortune not to go out for lunch and so reluctantly put on the cowl on the condition that I DO NOT, in any circumstances, take a photo of his face


I have all these partial balls of sock yarn now which I have been looking to work into small one skein type projects. Quick FO, Quick win, Stash busting - how can I lose?

Other stuff that have been in my stream of consciousness in the last few months are:-


Half a sock from Cherry Tree Hill - might just turn out to be anklets for the quick win again. PS Sally I haven't used any of it in the sock yarn blankie.


A nice box of yarn which was RAK to me from Germany for my sock blankie - 30 freaking gorgeous mini balls!! I am going to RAK the remainder and add more of my own sock yarn scraps for another lucky person after the monster is done.