Friday, January 16, 2009

Toying with ideas.....

Which is all I have been doing these past few months.... other than working on the Sock Yarn Blankie Monster.

It's eating all my time and motivation. I don't feel like starting anything new nor do I never finish what I start.
But the New Year brings in new resolutions and I guess the easiest way to restart my knitting mojo is to have quick wins whenever I can.

So .... here is my first FO for January 09


Snagged a colleague in the office who had the misfortune not to go out for lunch and so reluctantly put on the cowl on the condition that I DO NOT, in any circumstances, take a photo of his face


I have all these partial balls of sock yarn now which I have been looking to work into small one skein type projects. Quick FO, Quick win, Stash busting - how can I lose?

Other stuff that have been in my stream of consciousness in the last few months are:-


Half a sock from Cherry Tree Hill - might just turn out to be anklets for the quick win again. PS Sally I haven't used any of it in the sock yarn blankie.


A nice box of yarn which was RAK to me from Germany for my sock blankie - 30 freaking gorgeous mini balls!! I am going to RAK the remainder and add more of my own sock yarn scraps for another lucky person after the monster is done.


Ling said...

Hello stranger! Good to see you back in blogland.

I can see you workingon the sock blankie with the new balls of yarn.

R a i n said...

Welcome back!!! Glad to see you're well on your way to getting your mojo back.

I love the cowl, your own pattern? The colours are such fun.

Good heavens, that box of mini yarns looks good enough to eat!

athena said...

i'm so jeles of your beautiful rack of mini yarn balls!!!