Monday, January 31, 2005


I noticed that I normally start my surfing each week with just the normal rounds of the blogs and then I catch on to something and it becomes my weekly obsession. Typical behaviour would include:-

1. Google search - to look at every possible colourway, discussion group and blog talking about the project in question.
2. eBay search - especially if I have just got paid
3. Followed by impulse bids. I try not to go for "Buy it Now" feature. I put in a bid and then leave it to the Knitting Goddess - Her will be done!
3. If I'm feeling poor, then the items go into the Watch list until I feel richer.
4. Normally after a few days, I would calm down and the items are off my watchlist, at least until the next obsession.

Well I fell off the wagon today!

Look what the HK knitters are doing - They bought Colinnette Ab Fab kits!

And made Ab Fab stoles!

and then swap the remainder yarn!

Eva has finished hers, so has Marjorie, now just waiting to see Siow Chin's .

So off I go on the Google search and found the normal formula for the Ab Fab kit

3 different coloured mohair
1 smooth aran (Skye)
1 cotton tape (Wigwam)
1 cotton chenille (Fandango)
2 twisted chunky wool (zanzibar)

Being a contrary knitter, I've decided against the kit and to collect one or two skeins each month and supplement with my own stash. I have some mohair, and some Cotton Chenille. As for the pattern - a normal feather and fan insterspaced with some garter stitch would do the trick, I reckon.

A visit to ebay to have a look at colinette yarns resulted in two bids

Zanzibar - Cherry

Skye - Blue Parrot

Now I am itching to put in another bid for the mohair and the cotton tape....
Must..get... a... grip. ..Must.. wait.. till... tomorrow...

I'm normally better after a good night's sleep.


I've joined up for Secret Pals 4 , but I haven't finished answering the survey. So for my Secret Pal out there,I promise I'll update my info here in the next couple of days or so.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Blocking, bitching and stash-Busting

I've blocked the body of the Butterfly - while I work on the sleeves

Ok so most of you voted for me to continue with the Lacy Tunic and I think I agree. I still like this pattern even though it's languishing in my to-be-blocked bag. Besides I don't think the Trinity would suit Rogue. The pattern requires a stiffer yarn that would show of the cables better. So I have decided to use my Rowan All Seasons Cotton instead.

Which would mean froggin and ripping out the Lacy Jacket from Schachenmeyr Inspirations. I looked at again last night and decided that the ASC is too thick for that jacket. The Trinity, however, would probably work better.

So you see - a little juggling around means I don't have to get more stash for my next project.

Which means I'd have the cash to get me a spindle and some roving - * evil grin*

Stitch & Bitch

Lyn and I met up with Laura and her very patient boyfriend yesterday. He sat right through our knitting blather reading Dan Browns Angels and Demons (which, by the way, I was meaning to ask if it was good, but didn't have a chance forgot) and very obligingly took a photo of us before Laura left.

It's a little dark and I am hopeless at the photo-editing, but you get the picture (literally). On the left is Laura holding her "Tempting" and there's Lyn in the center with her latest project and me doing a couple of rows on my Japanese Lace top project.

It's good to meet like minded knitters. We were yakking so much I casted on 10 more stitches on the front of my Lace Top. Topics of the day were the usual Bitch about the price of yarn in Malaysia, favourite and non favourite LYS, where to get the best ( and cheapest) yarn online, poring over each other's books, comparing yarns and talking about the next project.

We hope to this again next Sunday at 3.00 pm and hopefully Celia and Doreen can join us this time.

I'd like to update more of the 100 useless facts about me but I'm developing the usual PMS migraine and have had about all that I can tolerate of the PC monitor.

See ya!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What to do next??

I am saved!! The Noro #37 arrived so I casted on for the sleeves last night- looks like Butterfly is on the go again.

At this point of a project I always start thinking of what to do next. I know I have several WIPs and I was looking them over last night. Much as I like the Lacy Tunic from Rebecca magazine, I've been looking all over the blogs at Rogue . Gorgeous pullover with those lovely celtic cables. I am trying to stashbust for this and really the only thing I have suitable is the Jaeger Trinity. It's so lightweight, it would make a great Rogue for our weather.

BUT I have finished the back of the Lacy Tunic and I don't think I have enough yarn for two projects although the yardage is 200+yards per ball. And knitting two projects from the same colour would be pretty boring... Unless I could swap with someone?

So I need your help here. Please vote on my poll on the left to see which one I should do or if you have any other ideas, do let me know.

*Siow Chin, I'm still eyeing the spindles and have even joined a couple of Spin lists to see what I am getting myself into.*

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Onde and other eBay buys

I received the 1st of my Birthday stash - lot of Phildar Onde in Yellow from Valerie at Knit 'n Tyme. I must be a slow developer as Phildar Onde has been discontinued and I was fortunate enough to grab the last few lots Valerie had.

I am not sure why I decided I wanted some - I can't believe anyone would discontinue such an unusual and lovely yarn, especially when it seemed to be doing so well.

Got this last month in honour of my birthday (shh! don't tell the Hubby.) along with 3 extra balls of Noro Silk Garden #37 to finish off my Butterfly and 5 skeins of Koigu KPPM.

Instead of receiving the Noro #37, I opened the box and found #87. The seller has promised to send me the correct Noro colourway but I ain't holding my breath. I am just hoping that the 3 and three-quarter balls I have left will be enough for the collar and sleeves. Just to be safe I'll be doing the collar first so I can easily turn the Butterfly into a vest if there isn't enough yarn for the sleeves..
I will be casting on for the collar tonight.

Still waiting on the Koigu ... crossing fingers.. hoping that it will arrive safe and sound.

Still eyeing the spindle...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Spinning Dreams

According to my baby Gregory everything with wings is a "b-b-ba-te-fy" unless it tweets, then it is a bird.

I don't know what he'll think of his mummy's butterfly...

I've finished the left front -

You may not be able to see it from here but the shoulder is about 1.2 - 2 inches longer than the back! How did this happen? I honestly don't know. I was concentrating on the decreases and it was late at night and I wanted to cast off before I went to bed. Now I have to frog it before I start the next front.

The house is still in a mess but we managed to get our friends over last weekend just for a round of pizzas and beer. So there were at least 30 of us - but everyone made themselves comfortable on the floor and on plastic chairs outside. All the kids were playing in the tent Gregory got for Christmas - placed in the living room.

Lyn came along as well with her hubby and gave me this fantastic big purple and pink tote.

It fits my Butterfly project perfectly.

Today my surfing time was totally taken up by visions of drop spindles and beginner spinning kits. Yes I have this idea that I might save money on yarn by spinning my own.


Before you drop of your chairs and roll around laughing.... I am seriously thinking of learning to spin. Maybe not to save money but just to see if I can.

I think I need help.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A New Year and lucky to be alive.

Because of Tsunami that hit on the 26th of December in my country Malaysia and our neighbouring countries of Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and other parts of the Indian Ocean, Christmas and my last post seem so long ago.

I have done absolutely no Knitting at all in the last 10 days- partly because I was busy setting the new house in order (we're still living out of boxes, but we have TV!)and partly because we've been glued to the aforesaid TV watching the news. It's becoming very obsessive, and I am now making an effort to change the channel once in a while. Life has to get back its normal routine.

So today was the first day back at work and after catching up with the million emails and group postings, I think I am finally ready to pick up the needles again. First I have to hook up the DVD and watch the Star Wars trilogy pack that I got for my birthday.

Hope to have more updates and pictures on knitting soon. Meanwhile here's another 10 things you might or might not want to know about me.

21. I really like Kentucky Fried Chicken - it's my comfort food.
22. I've never tasted the real Southern Fried Chicken from the US. If it is anything half as good as KFC, I might want to move to the US.
23. I am very bad with money and can be a dangerous shopaholic.
24. When I start a new hobby I often amass a fortune of useless stash before I start to be more discerning with the tools I buy.
25. I am actually quite shy in nature and find it difficult talking to strangers. I use to find it hard even to ask for the time.
26. After graduating from Uni, I wanted to volunteer for a year but my parents were not too keen on the idea.
27. I also wanted to backpack through Europe but they weren't too keen on that either.
28. When I was 21 I told myself I must visit Paris before I am 35. And I did! 3 weeks before my 35th birthday.
29. I love Paris!
30. I love London as well, but I love the southwest part of England even better.

Until next time.