Friday, April 27, 2007

New Look

So as you may have noticed - I upgraded my template to the new Blogger template system where I can plug in codes and play around with the elements of my page.

I also used the stretched format cos -I just want to show off bigger pictures. 300 px width just doesn't cut it anymore.

Just a quick update to show what I have been playing with lately.

Kind of playing with the Bead Soup idea but I am not liking the "knitting with wire" thing. I got to look for a more pliable type thread.

More updates after the weekend.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A new Spring

Over the Easter Break I managed to finish an old WIP from way back by just sucking up and knitting that mindless boring edging. Thank GOD for my new North and South DVD set and the Tudors.

Red Fichu
Red Fichu from Baxter Knits
500yds of
HandPainted Laceweight Red Pagoda

It's not blocked yet, and I'll do that tonight now that the in-laws have gone home and I have a spare bed again. Unblocked the fichu is smaller than the picture on the chart but I think that it will block up fine.

I didn't quite like using this yarn because it was quite wiry but the finished knit especially at the garter stitch portion was a surprise. It's crunchy and spongy and a whole lot of texture that make my hand want to touch and fondle.

So with that FO I decided I want to start on a new lace project. Forget all the other WIPs in my cupboard - the huge stash need to be busted. Was chatting to Sally on GTalk and she mentioned the Forest Path Stole and I went (!!) . Of course! I've had this on my to-do list for ages!

Before you know it, Sally, Regg and I are discussing yarn and needles. I've chosen to use the laceweight cashmere from Colourmart in the colourway Aurora and because I can't find my 2.5mm needles, I used 2mm instead.

Forest Path Stole beginnings

Think I need to go up to 2.5mm ? I kind of like the dense-ness of it but I am afraid the cashmere will bloom after washing.

Other than knitting - here's a peek at my stitching obsession at the moment.

Cirque de Cercles