Friday, April 27, 2007

New Look

So as you may have noticed - I upgraded my template to the new Blogger template system where I can plug in codes and play around with the elements of my page.

I also used the stretched format cos -I just want to show off bigger pictures. 300 px width just doesn't cut it anymore.

Just a quick update to show what I have been playing with lately.

Kind of playing with the Bead Soup idea but I am not liking the "knitting with wire" thing. I got to look for a more pliable type thread.

More updates after the weekend.


Little Sesame said...

Love your new "stretched" look, and I'm curious.... how did you do that!

Ling said...

The blog looks great and so does the bead knitting. I hear it can be quite hard on the hands.

Laura.Y said...

Ah, jumping into the bandwagon too I see :) It is hard on the fingers. Try nylon & colored elastics strings, those are better on the fingers and look pretty good too.

Peggy said...

The bead soup looks yummy.

I find the new blogger functions are easier to use for customization but sometimes I can paste pictures AND word comments AND a link. I guess nothing is perfect!