Monday, May 07, 2007

Quaker Pinkeep

My Quaker Pinkeep partner, Jean has received it so I am now able to show it off here for all to see.

A Pinkeep is very much an ornamental pin cushion but God Forbid if you take any of the pins out - the ribbon might fall off !! I actually was trying ruche the ribbon for the sides but gave it up as it looked like someone tried to do elaborate icing on a banana cake - the simplicity of a narrow ribbon and nice bow on top suited the design better.

It was part of an exchange I organised on the Malaysian Stitchers group and I think that everyone is very happy with their pinkeep - well those who have received theirs at least.

Another WIP pic for Jan Houtman's Buds of Life

That green motif is my absolute favourite.

I do have a knitting update to post but I need to take a decent photo first before I can show it off. Note to self - must get up earlier tomorrow to take pic.

It's been so hot in Malaysia the last few days that I have trouble sleeping - especially since we're staying over at my mum's in the aircon-less room. Hence it's been really hard to get up in the morning too. I barely have time to jump in the shower and put on my make-up and clothes (down to the bare minimal now cos it all melts off before lunchtime anyway) before I rush off to work.

Must get the tomtoms out to drum up a bit of rain. Anyone know a good rain dance??


knitties said...

The weather is disgusting! I really dislike this time of the year and it won't be long before the freakin' haze creeps in again. Nice stitching, btw. I love the colourful motifs... very pretty :)

Venus said...

Hilarious as it is, you complaining about knitting woolen sweaters in this weather and even admitting to being a "knit freak" hehe, I really admire your work! I can't believe I am confessing to that nor even reading a blog about knitting...

Maybe you can display some of your work on our site :)

Knit On!