Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Walking along the Forest Path Stole

It's not so much of a brisk walk more of leisurely stole a this moment. Both Sally and Regg are far ahead of me. And Sally had to wait for her yarn to arrive from the UK, too.

Anyway I promised a progress pic even though it's a little fiddly -I am being my usual fiddly self and using circs all the way without actually taking each section off on holders.

Forest path Stole Tier 1 and the beginnning of Tier 2

I think I might move on to dpns because of that humungous hole between panels which I hope to God will block out.

Here's a pic on one of the lace panels - the one with the nupps

Lace Panel 2

And here's another...

Lace Panel 3

I'm also hoping this yarn will bloom as it's pretty soft and spare at the moment. AND the stink of sewing machine oil - phew - it's not over powering but I have to wash my hands every couple of hours or so.

Ok I am hoping to finish Tier 2 by today and then get back to my other stitching stuff. How does one juggle all these crafts? Sometimes I think my brain is going to explode.


Peggy said...

Wow, it looks so complex! But beautiful! I like the effect of the nupps but hate knitting them. Are they K5 tog or K7 tog?

Ling said...

Oohh, it's looking gorgeous. Love the colour too.

Michelle said...

wow. that looks like a really complicated project. dont think i'll attempt it at all. yours is looking really good!!!

R a i n said...

Going well so far but I agree...does look quite complicated!!

Regg said...

very nice!!!
wait for me!