Monday, August 30, 2004

Stitch, Bitch and Blog

It's a real slow day at work, being the day before a public holiday and just after a weekend. So I've been surfing all over the knitting blogs for the last 3 hours.

I've having knitting withdrawal syndrome currently, as my baby boy was with me all weekend. I am one of those who can't knit with baby around, he's too hyper and I have to watch him every second. I can only do the crafty stuff after he has gone to bed.

Anyways, I stumbled on to some really interesting blogs, The Knitting Curmudgeon being one - where profanity is rife, and a welcome change from the normal sweet "granny" atmosphere in most of the crafty type lists over the net. There' s nothing wrong with being sweet, but I am glad that there are crafty people out there who know their way around cursing the human anatomy.

Surfing The Knitting Curmudgeon lead me to a new Yahoo group called
Knitflame. I wouldn't recommend it for the fainthearted ... or to fools. But if you're up for some bitchiness or just want to bitch or just a natural KPC like me ("kay po chee" which is Malaysian for being a right busybody), surf in and enjoy.

Links are on the right.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Nuts about Noro - Ebay

Oh no - someone has outbid me on ebay. Must place higher bid.
OK done now I am back to being the higest bidder.
There's still one day to the auction and I 'm about to go home for the

The suspense is killing me!

Update:- 30 August 2004

I lost the auction over the weekend as I thought I might. By $1.00!!!!
It got me to thinking whether I really need to have 10 balls. But what happens if I don't have enough and need to get more? Plus the shipping would hardly be worth it if I only got a couple of balls.

Still it is a blessing in disguise to lose this auction cos I can hardly afford that $80-90 for yarn....

I wish I could go to a genuine LYS sale where treasures turn up in boxes. Malaysia LYS never go on sale- why should they when everything is imported?

I just found a source for Silk Garden at $6.49 per skein, this is a steal!! It's almost too good to be true. Placing an order as we speak and cross our fingers and hope to goodness the package doesn't get lost in the mail.
Have a look

Now to get the Carlotte's web Shawl pattern.

Nuts about Noro

This week's obsession

I can hardly breathe. Just have a look at this yarn. Noro is a Japanese brand and they bring out these luscious colours in several blends.

The Knitting Garden - Noro Magazine 15 - pattern collection

Those colours are just incredible.

Of course all those sweaters would not be practical in this sweltering heat BUT look what you can make with one skein


I have not touched this yarn with my own hands and some say that it can get a little "Twiggy". Apparently it's supposed to have a rustic feel and the fibers are kind of rough with the occasional seeds and twigs.

However I have not heard anything bad about the Noro Silk Garden which is a silk/ wool/ mohair blend. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

The Quest for Noro

I am kind of broke this month after spending a fortune on novelty yarns for scarves but I just thought I would surf around to just check out the prices. Well the more I surfed the more I hungered. Prices ranged from US 9.80 The Yarn Shop to US 11.00 (most US shops) not inclusive of shipping. And of course I can't just get one or two balls.. That just doesn't justify the shipping.

Next I got to thinking, what could I do with this Noro yarn? I heard that Kureyon is pretty good for felting, hence the popularity of the BoogaBag

But what I really want to do with Silk garden is use it as an alternative yarn to
Koigu's Charlotte's Web Shawl.

Why not use the yarn recommended ie koigu? Well because I am perverse and hate following instructions and just would like to see the result. Koigu will still be on
my wishlist but I'll probably use it for a Noro pattern. Haha!

Taking The Plunge

I just did it!! I placed a bid on ebay on a Noro Silk Garden pack of 10. Oh Lord help my Credit Card. Thank goodness I get paid on Monday.
here's just a peek of the lot I bid on

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Scarf's the Limit

Just lost my previous entry to the vicious " Save as Draft" button.
Guess that will teach me to use the Notepad more often. Anyway what I think I wrote was :-

15 years ago I was knitting sweaters for sale. I knitted cabled cardigans, fair-isle fitted jumpers, chunky pullovers and one Mohair Coat. Then I came back to a hot hot hot tropical country and couldn't contemplate knitting in such sweltering heat.

2 months ago I spied my very first funky eyelash scarf and I just had to have one. I guess my blood has thinned along the years. So one visit to the LYS and one skein of slubby Korean yarn later - Voila!! I have a scarf.

After that effort, I went mad on ebay , buying as many novelty yarn as I could (which is not what I can afford at the moment but they were CHEAP!) I just love the thought playing with different fibers and coming up with a different scarf each time.

The fibers are trickling in one by one and I have to take pics of the different combinations before I forget.