Friday, August 27, 2004

Nuts about Noro

This week's obsession

I can hardly breathe. Just have a look at this yarn. Noro is a Japanese brand and they bring out these luscious colours in several blends.

The Knitting Garden - Noro Magazine 15 - pattern collection

Those colours are just incredible.

Of course all those sweaters would not be practical in this sweltering heat BUT look what you can make with one skein


I have not touched this yarn with my own hands and some say that it can get a little "Twiggy". Apparently it's supposed to have a rustic feel and the fibers are kind of rough with the occasional seeds and twigs.

However I have not heard anything bad about the Noro Silk Garden which is a silk/ wool/ mohair blend. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

The Quest for Noro

I am kind of broke this month after spending a fortune on novelty yarns for scarves but I just thought I would surf around to just check out the prices. Well the more I surfed the more I hungered. Prices ranged from US 9.80 The Yarn Shop to US 11.00 (most US shops) not inclusive of shipping. And of course I can't just get one or two balls.. That just doesn't justify the shipping.

Next I got to thinking, what could I do with this Noro yarn? I heard that Kureyon is pretty good for felting, hence the popularity of the BoogaBag

But what I really want to do with Silk garden is use it as an alternative yarn to
Koigu's Charlotte's Web Shawl.

Why not use the yarn recommended ie koigu? Well because I am perverse and hate following instructions and just would like to see the result. Koigu will still be on
my wishlist but I'll probably use it for a Noro pattern. Haha!

Taking The Plunge

I just did it!! I placed a bid on ebay on a Noro Silk Garden pack of 10. Oh Lord help my Credit Card. Thank goodness I get paid on Monday.
here's just a peek of the lot I bid on

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