Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Scarf's the Limit

Just lost my previous entry to the vicious " Save as Draft" button.
Guess that will teach me to use the Notepad more often. Anyway what I think I wrote was :-

15 years ago I was knitting sweaters for sale. I knitted cabled cardigans, fair-isle fitted jumpers, chunky pullovers and one Mohair Coat. Then I came back to a hot hot hot tropical country and couldn't contemplate knitting in such sweltering heat.

2 months ago I spied my very first funky eyelash scarf and I just had to have one. I guess my blood has thinned along the years. So one visit to the LYS and one skein of slubby Korean yarn later - Voila!! I have a scarf.

After that effort, I went mad on ebay , buying as many novelty yarn as I could (which is not what I can afford at the moment but they were CHEAP!) I just love the thought playing with different fibers and coming up with a different scarf each time.

The fibers are trickling in one by one and I have to take pics of the different combinations before I forget.

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