Friday, August 27, 2004

Nuts about Noro - Ebay

Oh no - someone has outbid me on ebay. Must place higher bid.
OK done now I am back to being the higest bidder.
There's still one day to the auction and I 'm about to go home for the

The suspense is killing me!

Update:- 30 August 2004

I lost the auction over the weekend as I thought I might. By $1.00!!!!
It got me to thinking whether I really need to have 10 balls. But what happens if I don't have enough and need to get more? Plus the shipping would hardly be worth it if I only got a couple of balls.

Still it is a blessing in disguise to lose this auction cos I can hardly afford that $80-90 for yarn....

I wish I could go to a genuine LYS sale where treasures turn up in boxes. Malaysia LYS never go on sale- why should they when everything is imported?

I just found a source for Silk Garden at $6.49 per skein, this is a steal!! It's almost too good to be true. Placing an order as we speak and cross our fingers and hope to goodness the package doesn't get lost in the mail.
Have a look

Now to get the Carlotte's web Shawl pattern.

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