Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quick shots

I am down south on work and have limited internet access so I thought I should do a very very quick update.

Progress of my bodice

It's not a bodice now it's a sloppy sweatshirt. I overestimated the size this time and it's huge. Anyways I will definitely make a slimmer version in the future.

When I am too upset too work on the bodice I did do this

It's round 1 of a doily from (don't have the url handy but will post it later).

And last night in my very lonely and very big hotel bed, I casted on this

This is my second attempt at the Mountain Peaks Shawl from Mimknits, I had to frog my 1st attempt when I put it down for a while and forgot which row I was at and when I was trying to figure it out, I dropped a YO stitch that unravelled a few rows.This time I have a notepad and pen ready for counting rows and lifelines.

Ok hoping to go over the Causeway in to Singapore for a flying LYS visit on Monday. Not that I need more stash but who can resist RYC???

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Purple Goodness

I finally received my lace swap parcel after it languished around in snail mail territory for a while.

Open the box and what do I see?

Purple tissue and a lovely little note book- just a hint of what's to come.

The next layer is the Field of Flowers pattern from Fibertrends and a huge skein of hand dyed cotton rayon blend. I love this pattern and have been eyeing it for a while and the cotton rayon blend is an excellent laceweight for the Malaysian tropical weather.
But it doesn't stop there!

Under that layer is Size 5 Addi Turbos ( my favourite needles) and a center pull ball of Skacel Merino Lacewight which was hand dyed by Laura herself!!!

And then ...*drum roll*

A lovely hand made project bag made out of gorgeous purple batik - I love it!!!!
and a little box for with stitch markers and needle caps.

There was some maple candy and boston baked beans but my boy has already swiped that by the time I could take the pictures (which are too dark, I know,but there hasn't been any decent sunlight these days)

My swap partner was Laura and she has been more than generous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Meanwhile I have been busy with this

Just taking a very short knitting break which will continue again tonight.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

At Last An FO

Ok Plaza is soooo doone. Out of here. Hitting the Road. All the way to NZ and out of my sight.

You can see the body is really short, shorter than I expected.

Here's a look at the curly wurly details at the collar. That darn thing is soo heavy I think the collar might stretch out loads from the weight

The collar is still a little small I think.

Anyway on to my next project - I still haven't gotten round to getting the extra yarn for my Stitchi Diva bodice So I might just start a new project - hmmm, we'll see.

Meanwhile I met up with some Knitters last weekend - I did manage to engineer it so my in-laws would go shopping at Bangsar Village where the meet up was.


Here's Sally and I. We're sitting by the wndow and it was really storming so the photo got kind of dark.

From left- Doreen, Rain, Mira, Chooi Wah (she of the gorgeous blog), and Sally.

Doreen is wearing her latest FO, she always looks good in her knits.

I have to be back at work tomorrow, sadly, but I have bought myself a spa package to last 6 months, so I have to remind myself to take some "me" time every month before work gets on top of me.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Burnt Out

I'm having a bit of a crafty burn out at the moment.Add the immense workload at the office at the moment - I can't seem to concentrate on any one project.

It's not that I haven't done much knitting but too much on too many different projects.

I worked on the Plaza edging until I ran out of yarn and I haven't been back at my other stash cupboard at my mum's for the extra two balls I have left. BTW, Vanessa, I remember you said you weren't sure how this edging was going to go? I have to say it's pretty basic crochet, so you wouldn't have a problem.

I worked on Stitchdiva's Knitted Bodice until I ran out of the accent yarn I have been using for the lacy parts. So I have trot along to that local LYS that I hate because of the outrageous pricing and get me another of that outrageously priced metallic chain mail yarn.

I finished one heels and toe sock and am having second sock syndrome for the next one because I am not so sure I have enough of the Koigu I used for the main colour.

I started Pomatomus with this sock yarn I dyed but a bit of the dye is rubbing off my fingers so I am not sure if I want to keep on knitting or rip it out and soak it in vinegar.

I picked up my Madli's shawl and feel like puking cos I am just not feeling the love anymore -at 13 repeats I'm not sure if I should rip it out or not.

Talk about a comedy of errors.

Next week I am going on leave and I gonna get every inch of my body pummelled and kneaded by a masseuse, every inch of my face scrubbed and polished. And then knit till the cows come home. And since there are no cows in this part of the world - that's like --- heh -- forever.

Well at least until I go bak to work.

Hope for better crafty inspiration next week.