Thursday, September 14, 2006

At Last An FO

Ok Plaza is soooo doone. Out of here. Hitting the Road. All the way to NZ and out of my sight.

You can see the body is really short, shorter than I expected.

Here's a look at the curly wurly details at the collar. That darn thing is soo heavy I think the collar might stretch out loads from the weight

The collar is still a little small I think.

Anyway on to my next project - I still haven't gotten round to getting the extra yarn for my Stitchi Diva bodice So I might just start a new project - hmmm, we'll see.

Meanwhile I met up with some Knitters last weekend - I did manage to engineer it so my in-laws would go shopping at Bangsar Village where the meet up was.


Here's Sally and I. We're sitting by the wndow and it was really storming so the photo got kind of dark.

From left- Doreen, Rain, Mira, Chooi Wah (she of the gorgeous blog), and Sally.

Doreen is wearing her latest FO, she always looks good in her knits.

I have to be back at work tomorrow, sadly, but I have bought myself a spa package to last 6 months, so I have to remind myself to take some "me" time every month before work gets on top of me.

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