Thursday, September 07, 2006

Burnt Out

I'm having a bit of a crafty burn out at the moment.Add the immense workload at the office at the moment - I can't seem to concentrate on any one project.

It's not that I haven't done much knitting but too much on too many different projects.

I worked on the Plaza edging until I ran out of yarn and I haven't been back at my other stash cupboard at my mum's for the extra two balls I have left. BTW, Vanessa, I remember you said you weren't sure how this edging was going to go? I have to say it's pretty basic crochet, so you wouldn't have a problem.

I worked on Stitchdiva's Knitted Bodice until I ran out of the accent yarn I have been using for the lacy parts. So I have trot along to that local LYS that I hate because of the outrageous pricing and get me another of that outrageously priced metallic chain mail yarn.

I finished one heels and toe sock and am having second sock syndrome for the next one because I am not so sure I have enough of the Koigu I used for the main colour.

I started Pomatomus with this sock yarn I dyed but a bit of the dye is rubbing off my fingers so I am not sure if I want to keep on knitting or rip it out and soak it in vinegar.

I picked up my Madli's shawl and feel like puking cos I am just not feeling the love anymore -at 13 repeats I'm not sure if I should rip it out or not.

Talk about a comedy of errors.

Next week I am going on leave and I gonna get every inch of my body pummelled and kneaded by a masseuse, every inch of my face scrubbed and polished. And then knit till the cows come home. And since there are no cows in this part of the world - that's like --- heh -- forever.

Well at least until I go bak to work.

Hope for better crafty inspiration next week.

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