Monday, January 31, 2005


I noticed that I normally start my surfing each week with just the normal rounds of the blogs and then I catch on to something and it becomes my weekly obsession. Typical behaviour would include:-

1. Google search - to look at every possible colourway, discussion group and blog talking about the project in question.
2. eBay search - especially if I have just got paid
3. Followed by impulse bids. I try not to go for "Buy it Now" feature. I put in a bid and then leave it to the Knitting Goddess - Her will be done!
3. If I'm feeling poor, then the items go into the Watch list until I feel richer.
4. Normally after a few days, I would calm down and the items are off my watchlist, at least until the next obsession.

Well I fell off the wagon today!

Look what the HK knitters are doing - They bought Colinnette Ab Fab kits!

And made Ab Fab stoles!

and then swap the remainder yarn!

Eva has finished hers, so has Marjorie, now just waiting to see Siow Chin's .

So off I go on the Google search and found the normal formula for the Ab Fab kit

3 different coloured mohair
1 smooth aran (Skye)
1 cotton tape (Wigwam)
1 cotton chenille (Fandango)
2 twisted chunky wool (zanzibar)

Being a contrary knitter, I've decided against the kit and to collect one or two skeins each month and supplement with my own stash. I have some mohair, and some Cotton Chenille. As for the pattern - a normal feather and fan insterspaced with some garter stitch would do the trick, I reckon.

A visit to ebay to have a look at colinette yarns resulted in two bids

Zanzibar - Cherry

Skye - Blue Parrot

Now I am itching to put in another bid for the mohair and the cotton tape....
Must..get... a... grip. ..Must.. wait.. till... tomorrow...

I'm normally better after a good night's sleep.


I've joined up for Secret Pals 4 , but I haven't finished answering the survey. So for my Secret Pal out there,I promise I'll update my info here in the next couple of days or so.


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