Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What to do next??

I am saved!! The Noro #37 arrived so I casted on for the sleeves last night- looks like Butterfly is on the go again.

At this point of a project I always start thinking of what to do next. I know I have several WIPs and I was looking them over last night. Much as I like the Lacy Tunic from Rebecca magazine, I've been looking all over the blogs at Rogue . Gorgeous pullover with those lovely celtic cables. I am trying to stashbust for this and really the only thing I have suitable is the Jaeger Trinity. It's so lightweight, it would make a great Rogue for our weather.

BUT I have finished the back of the Lacy Tunic and I don't think I have enough yarn for two projects although the yardage is 200+yards per ball. And knitting two projects from the same colour would be pretty boring... Unless I could swap with someone?

So I need your help here. Please vote on my poll on the left to see which one I should do or if you have any other ideas, do let me know.

*Siow Chin, I'm still eyeing the spindles and have even joined a couple of Spin lists to see what I am getting myself into.*

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