Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knitting meet up 8th of March 2008

Just a quick update on our knitting meeting on the 8th of March.

We met in Sri Melaka, Amcorp Mall, PJ- and bagged ourselves some cosy sofas at the smoking section, since there wasn't anyone smoking at the time.

Sally and I were the first to arrive, followed by Jackie. Hernik and her friend joined us a little later and Hanne rounded up our little merry band.

The talk turned mostly to politics ( it was Election Day after all) and the beauty of blocking lace shawls.

I brought my Peaches 'n Cream Ripple..

That's a real bad photo but I have all the other balls for the next 4 colour changes, justo give you an idea of what it looks like now. (Note self - must take update photo this weekend)

Hernik brought the slip-ons she was knitting - reminded me very much of those slip-ons I would make when I freezing myself off at college. Very nice and cozy.

Sally knitted socks on two circulars and I finally get it.. Yeah I couldn't picture it in my mind but I see the light now and of course, had go home and try it out.

Jackie is making yet another baby blanket and as usual after every meet up - try as we might we can't get her to start another project simultaneously.

Hanne brought her kind of secret lace project ( but it's out of the bag now, eh Sally ) and as usual we were mesmerised by her fast continental style lace knitting.

We have also decided to make a concerted effort to make the 2nd Saturday of the month Knitting Meet up day, which makes the next one April 12th.

Keep the day in mind, folks.

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azita said...

hi there, i would love to join...but i only know how to crotchet, still trying to learn how to knit...can i join u gals?
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