Friday, April 11, 2008

Catching Up

I really didn't have time to catch my breathe this past month. Looming project deadlines and working 14 hour days took quite a toll into my personal time. Still I did manage to grab a bit of time here and there for different projects.

Aspen Grove Shawl is up to Chart 2 and in that "one row takes an hour to knit" stage - I think there is about 300 + stitches on the needles now so it's gonna be taking it's time to get to the finish line.

The Hexagons are also taking its time - at least I have 3 rows now. I keep stopping and admiring it each time I finish one. clours are so yummy. Take a closer look.

Ok the ripple is most urgent - cos the baby it's for is arriving at any day now - and is almost done. I have 6 colour changes to do and it's out of here!

After this, I need to take a break. I am itching break out the floss and needles and go back to cross stitching for a while. We'll See.

BTW it's the 2nd Saturday of the month this Sat so it's KL Knitters Meet up time.
Join us at Bangsar Village 2 - Starbucks - Level 3 - from 3pm onwards


knitties said...

I love the hexagons... you're right, the colours are so pretty! And your shawl is progressing quite nicely too considering how busy you've been :-)

Annie said...

Hi Mona, you are real great!! doing so many projects at the same time!! hehe i can only do 2 the most, concurrently!! Looking forward to see your Aspen Grove Shawl completed, lovely colour!! Btw, I've completed the body & edging part of my Cecilia Chemise, washed and blocked last Friday nite. I got prob at the sleeve straps. I've written to stitch diva, but no news from them yet. Maybe you can help: The instruction says that ch 29, then cont row 1... i've did as instruction in row 1, but have balance of 5 ch!! Did i read it wrongly? pls advise. Tks.