Tuesday, July 05, 2011

So It begins again

18 months it took!
18 months and plenty of social media experimentation such as Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook and now Google+.

It's a lot of changes for little blogger me.
I tried to microblog on Twitter and nothing beats the instant gratification of a reply or a mention not to mention the instant validation of the re-tweet.
But then it became more of a conversation rather than a self expression.

Then there is Facebook, all that poking and clicking on games gave me RSI and formed a habit for FB credits.

Ravelry has relevance mostly to my knitting yet I feel I have more to say than just about my craft....

Sooooo, in the interest of just recording the random, the meandering or just plain self- indulgent me.. KnitNut will Natter about anything.

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