Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fluff Stuff and Excess Stash

Not much to update since I hit a speedbump with my Butterfly.

Don't you hate it when you finish a ball of yarn just an inch or two before you're suppose to cast off? I just hate joining yarn right at the end of a piece.
Worst, the other balls of Noro are now in a box at the new house.
That's what happened to my Butterfly. I now have to wait for Saturday before I can unpack and knit the last inch and bind off for the shoulders.*see note below*
Assuming I will have enough time to between packing and unpacking boxes that is.

To while away my time until I can get to the rest of the Noro, I have been frogging this

to make this

I didn't think the striping was working so I just stranded the two yarns together to knit a garter scarf with a ( what's the name of stitch where you wind the yarn twice around the needle and knit into it the next row?). I'm frantically trying to finish this tonight so it can go into the Christmas parcel to NZ tomorrow. Another couple of hours should do the trick.

The packing goes slowly. The worst thing about packing after being in one place for more than 6 years is deciding what to throw away.
Some stuff is just pure sentimental, like wedding invitation cards, birthday cards etc. Some are just waste paper - bills from 1995 which DH insists may be important records one day. *rolls eyes*.
Some are books you have read once and are quite ready to give away.

For me the worst decisions are about excess crafty stash I've accumulated during the years. Things like
- siggie squares and 2.5 inch charms from the Millenium Quilt Craze in 1999- 2000
- blocks from block swaps that will never get made into quilts - at least not in my house
- Books and magazines that don't seem to sell on eBay
- rotary cutters, walking foots, rulers and various other tools of the trade.

I mean I don't think I will be quilting real soon but maybe one day ... you know???
Anyway.. I've decided to sell some of my 2.5 inch charms - they'd make good watercolour quilt stash. I'll start to post them for sale in my destashing site in the next couple of days. So if anyone is interested - you know what to do.

* If you're wondering why I can't get to my new house and just get the balls out of the box- it's because I am camping out at my Mom's half the week. Actually DH and I have been camping out at my Mum's since my son was born. He stays there while we're working and we take him back during weekends. It's a long complicated story that I am sure I'll get to one day.*

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