Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Dye is Cast

Thank you for all your kind suggestions and comments on my 1st dyeing attempt. I've decided not to over dye it and keep this skein as a reference. I kind of like the colourway although it isn't so intense.

I have an idea, an inspiration to dye a range of colour scheme called "Brocade", full of lush silky colours in chinese brocades , and this particular colourway would be called "mandarin plum" (if the purples had been a bit more intense). I have a few more colourways in my mind but not the yarn and dye to do it yet. So there - I get first dibs on the name.

Celia tagged for a meme -
Name 5 things in my fridge - My fridge is almost empty - we don't cook much at home so there's not al ot in there. However after a visit from my inlaw's there will always be 1001 and one things inside the fridge.
Anyway at the moment there are :-

1. A bottle of Coke - can't do without my pop
2. Frozen sausages - for when we need some quick filling for the pasta/ fried noodles / fried rice
3. Wine - some white wine my husband put in there from christmas that we didn't get round to drinking.
4. A jar of mayonaisse and ....
5. (...and I am scraping the bottom of the barrel here) various mini chocolate bars ( cloud 9 /mars) for when my son has been especially good or brave.

Not tagging anyone except Lyn who I know does not cook as well.

On the knitting front , I've finished seaming Samus and working on the I-cord edging now. I would have finished it this weekend, but I was in Penang for work, and I didn't want to pack an almost finished project with me.

I am still suffering from a cold and the doctor had told me off for flying without proper medication. He said that I could have done permenant damage to my ears (it's currently very blocked) and the phlegm from my chest could have spread down to my lungs. So I am worse then when I was before I flew and I am taking another sick day tomorrow to dye some more recover.

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