Friday, November 09, 2007

Babette Beginnings

This has been tough! Really tough - just deciding what colours goes on the next round is freaking me out a little. I have two weights of yarn, sport and DK and I have to balance it out - one round sport one round dk - or else the sizes of the squares don't match. Then I have to think of variegated and solids and how those go together as well. Hair-raising!!

And then how to group the squares into a panel - by colour groups or by contrast. I did draft it out on paper on the sizes but I quite randomised what colours go into a square. As I laid it out I realise there are distinct colour groups. So I decided to lay the squares out by the colours of the last round.

Sorry for the quality of the pic but I took it in a hurry last night to remind myself of how the squares are laid out.

If you kind of squint you might get a sense of the overall project. My sister in law was watching me and she asked if I was going to frame the panels - which made me think about this for a while but I decided, the Babette needs larger canvas to show off its glory.

BUT it is an idea for another time.

PS I took pics of the finished circular cardi but they didn't come out to my satisfaction so it will have to wait for another bright day and a proper model.


opportunityknits said...

I really like how it is turning out, MOna. Have a good weekend.

Aw said...

I love the earth tone / natural colorway. Enjoy crocheting.

Ling said...

Love your Babette blanket. I really want to start one too!

CraftyPretender said...

Totally love how the colours for Babette are coming together! I'm working on a ripple BHG pattern for crochet.

And sometime in the next week or so, I am going to plan a crazy new knitting start. (finished 1 new scarf and a baby blanket already)...
The Burridge Lake Afghan (yes I am mad)