Friday, November 02, 2007

Half a Ripple

I'm keeling over from a ton of scraps!! I have scrap yarn, scrap paper, scrap fabric etc etc etc.

I used to love the idea of doing scrap quilts. My quilting days are long behind me but I have bags and bags of fabric scraps, big enough to cut 2" squares out of. My plan was to cut it all up and then sell the squares off in ebay... well when I have the time of course.

The thing about scrapping is that there is a serindipity in putting scraps of ugliness, transforming it into a myriad of different textures and colours. But of course, it doesn't always work that way. Sometime one has to control scrappiness with a colour or a tone. Sometimes it's a matter of having an eye for colours and a good knowledge of colours theory - contrast vs complimentary vs tone. Sometimes it's just a leap of faith.

For someone not very in touch with her inner artist, it's quite a challenge.

Anyways in light of my recent "baby" phase ( and plus one of my colleagues is going to deliver at any moment) I've decided that it's time to Ripple or to Babette.

Here's half a ripple. What do you think??

The Babette is waiting on me having the time to sort out all the odd balls and putting them in one place for easy access.

BTW here's how the baby surprise jacket looked after I put on the buttons. I was concerned about the small neck so I folded the tops over to make a flap and sewed it down.

As they say in Malaysia, "Cute or what!"


nurhanne said...

Very cute! I like your colur choices a lot, especially for the BSJ.

nurhanne said...


Sally said...

Cute! and "vely vely lice."...

opportunityknits said...

Yah, the baby surprise is so cute - love the fold down lapel. Ohh you started the ripple - it's very addictive. I tried white in mine but in the end I left it out because it didn't seem to go with the other colours.

Peggy said...

The surprise jacket is super cute! I especially love the buttons.

R a i n said...

OMG I've been dying to make Babette but didn't have the pattern. I'm rooting for Babette, but the Ripple looks great too.

Love the jacket btw, so cute!