Monday, March 16, 2009

It's been spinny

The KL Knitter's group on Ravelry has been in a spin lately with the entrance of the second spining wheel in Malaysia. StitchingBee (Aw) got a Majacraft Pioneer and we managed to have a meet-up on Saturday to compare wheels. Sally graciously provided her house and both she and Lyn joined in to see if they would be sucked in to the world of spinning.

I think we scared them off a little, Aw and I.

Anyway - there is this gorgeous pic that Lyn took of me spinning, with her top of the range dSLR.

I've been spinning this Merino Tencel bump from Spinning Bunny supposedly to make sock yarn. But alas it isn't fine enough so it is ending up to be sport - DK weight. Haven't figured out what I am going to make with it yet.

This skein could be plied tighter I think.

This one is my current favourite although it was very tight when I took it off the niddy noddy. Had to give it a fairly good whacking, for all the kinks to straighted out but voila.. nice fat lovely 2 ply yarn.

I've got about 150 m right now with about 2 half bobbins and 2 oz more to spin - I am hoping to reach at least 300 m.


Ling said...

Great spinning! Is your wheel an Ashford Joy?

knitties said...

hehehe, you did kinda scare us but sally's got an electric one now... no more peddling!