Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fluffing Around

I am sure you all have had days like these. Go off on a holiday and come back taking a long time to rev up your engines again. It's the same with hobbies, work or family. I didn't want to come home, just wanted to lie around in the sun, at the beach or just in the hotel room doing nothing.

DH and I took a break to Phuket two weeks ago. More updates on that when I can get my photoshop capabilities back on.

Just before we left, I started a new project, but I haven't touched it since I got back. I have got to only this point with my Firestarter socks from Yarnissima

Just a few days ago I received something that cheered up me up a lot more.

These are sock yarns from the indie dyer Handgefaerbt. Yummy, luscious deep hued sock squishy yarny goodness. Brings on all the creative juices and good knitting vibes. Off to finish off that firestarter so I can start another pair of socks.

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Ling said...

Firestarter looks great. And the new sock yarns are looking very scrummy!