Friday, May 08, 2009

Mourning the loss of BSG

BSG (Battlestar Galactica) ended last month and I have been a blue funk since. To be fair - it has its ups and downs and some very illogical stretches of imagination that suggest thet the Cylons ( ie the writers) didn't really have a frakking plan.

BUT it has been compelling and very good tv for 4 years plus and the penulitmate episode made me stand up and cheer. For once we have a good non cheesy, non CGI pretentious sci fi show that dealt with universal issues. Yes the Star Trek franchise had played its part but when was the last time there was a good Star Trek series. Before, the sci fi genre was still the the domain of geek boys and fan girls who were always thought of as .. erm ... off the radar. I think this has all changed with BSG or at least it should...

In any case I was a doofos and didn't release that Final Five Cylon siren call was All Along the Watchtower. So here I have embedded a video of it in it's entirety - the BSG version - with clips from Crossroads Ep 1 & 2 - one of the best episodes in the series, I think.

PS. On the crafty front - here's my latest spin FO


Singles from Baby Batt from FeltStudio UK

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