Wednesday, July 01, 2009

So not on the ball!

I have been obsessing on the Clapotis since 2004.
Just look at what Clapotis search results on my blog. It's been a epic tale of stops and starts and looking for the right yarn.

And yes I was complaining about the price of Lorna's Laces then... My My how things changed.

Anyways I sucked it in and did me a nice little mini Clapotis using Handgefaebrt's Merino Extra Fine in Night Elves.

Here we go (warning! lot's of photos)

All in all I used up the whole skein of 570 yds in total and about 6 and half feet long. Yes it is very long but ooooooh sooooo soft.

Still I think a more variegated yarn would have given this pattern a bit more punch.

Here's to the next knitting obsession. And pray it not take another 5 years before completion.


R a i n said...

Love it!

Kathy said...

Oh the Clapotis is so lovely. I think you took great shots of it as well. Good for you, 5 years or not!

G said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could possibly tell me where to buy wool for knitting in KL? I just came back from London having learnt how to knit and I have no clue where to get any material.
my name is Geraldine and my email address is

U-Jean said...

Hi, I'm U-Jean. I just came across your blog from the meetup website and I'm interested to learn knitting. Could you tell me where or from whom I can learn to knit? I'm studying in Bangi.
My email is

knitties said...

When you told me last night you finally finished the Clappy, I thought I'd better check it out as well :-) I honestly thought you finished it years ago! It looks beautiful and I do love the colours too.

ps - I decided to resurrect my knitting blog today.