Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dyed and gone to Cotton Sock Heaven

Just a little something to show you before the weekend.

An assortment of Opal, Regia, Online, and Schoeller Stahl and they're all cotton mix. From the wonderful Martina and her great website whose name I can't pronounce. She also added some happy Coal sweets and some nice postcards.

The only sad thing is not all of the sock yarn are mine. But thanks Sally for giving me a chance to fondle them first before sending them to you.

I've always wanted some Opal Petticoat so I am quite chaffed that they came out with a cotton version. The colours are muted because the yarn is marled but incredibly soft. I had test knitted a bit of Opal Rodeo cotton and Regia India and found the Regia just a wee bit splitty.

Guess this weekend will be sock knitting time..

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