Wednesday, June 28, 2006

There and back again

I've had a rocky couple of weeks since my last post.

My dad was hositalised after having a epilepsy attack ( he's a parkinson's patient) and most of my days were tied up with ferrying various relatives to the hospital and back. He's on the mend and on the way back home now so at least one worry is off my shoulders.

So while that was going on there was not much knitting except for small protable projects like socks.

Speaking of portable, here's another new thing that's been occupying my time.

That is my new Dell Inspiron which is almost 3 days old. This is my first blog post from this new baby. I've been busy installing stuff and transfering file from the old pc but it also means that YAY! I will have internet access at home gain . Now to get the broadband up and running at home.

The one sock is knitted out of Regia India ( colourway Kerala) and I am working on the second. Soon I'll be surfing and knitting at the same time like a pro.

I've also decided to get cracking on putting my craftroom in order and two weeks ago ordered two cabinets for books yarn and other various stash. Due the recent events and one proscrastinating excuse to another, I now have TWO days to get the room in order before the cabinets are delivered. Want to see what I'm up against??

Ok so, that not ALL stash !!! There's boxes of old cassettes and VHS, computer peripherals, fabric and some yarn, even and old PC monitor hidden there some where.

Wish me luck I ruthlessly prune and discard useless items that my hoarder husband and I have collected through the years.

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