Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fragments of my past

I haven't been doing much knitting lately - so caught up with the exciting developments of the World Cup - both Argentina and Brazil out of the running leaving four European nations (Portugal, Italy, France and Germany) fighting for the most prestigious cup in football.

The husband and I stayed late last Saturday to watch both the England - Portugal match. I was so upset after that match that I couldn't sleep so I stayed to watch the next match ( France-Brazil) with him. The second match was by far more exciting and less frustrating. We both have a fondness for the underdogs so we were glad to see the favourites Brazil leave and in such sporting manner too. I caught sight of Thierry Henri (France) hugging Ronaldo (Brazil) and that is a far cry from the ugly Germany-Argentina post-match free-for-all the night before.

Needless to say we spent all of Sunday recovering. Never thought I would take such a long time to recover from an allnighter. Age is catching up with me.

Instead of knitting my World Cup project ( shame on me, I know), I picked up the threads of an old hobby after attending a refresher class on Saturday afternoon with the Malaysian stitchers group.

Yes as you can see I am far out of practice - the picots are of varying lengths ad the joins are a bit twisted. I will have to practice a lot more before I can progress to the next step I think.

Meanwhile I forgot to update what I received from the Dye-o-rama swap.

Look at that gorgeous hank of yarn !!

I also received from Lynn some lovely tea , baseball cards for Gregory and tatoos for Megan and castille soap for me :). Thanks Lynn.

I had a week's reprieve on the cabinets. They are arriving this weekend instead - and I have half the room sorted out but need to take some trips to the rubbish tip today to get rid of the bigger stuff.

I have to make room cos I have a new toy coming at the end of the month. Heheh! see of you can guess what it is. All I can say is that I think I have gone completely bonkers but as Lyn says "Hey if it makes you happy, why not??"

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