Friday, July 14, 2006

Log cabin

There's been a spate of log cabin knits all over blogworld, due to the Mason Dixon's book and I must say they look absolutely fabulous.

Here's a whole list of worthy Log cabins

A Chance to Knit - in Felted Tweed no less.. that must feel real cushy.

january One - the pallette is gorgeous and it’s all STR!!

Monkey knits- it’s gorgeous as a baby blanket

Erica Lee - uses Plymouth Encore DK for a multicoloured version

Joan Knits -uses a different arrangement more akin to the traditional quilted log cabin – you can play around with the lights and darks.

My close encounter with the log cabin is a traditional one - here's my scrappy one that I was doing some years back (pre-baby).

Gregory is graduating to a big boy's bed this weekend and I was thinking that he needed a big boy's blanket instead of that swaddling flannel he's been carrying around.

I think I need about 6 more squares ( 2 rows of 3) to make it a decent size blankie for him. I have 3 hanging around and need to do 3 more. I used the traditional red square for the center - to signify the hearth as the heart of the home and the lights and darks. The fabrics are all scraps as you would have probably guessed y now - I am very much a scrappy type of gal.

The benefits of clearing out boxes is that you get to find your old treasures -

Paper pieced coasters

Hawaiian Applique - Breadfruit

The quilting is done but I have no idea what to finish it as. This thing is at least 20 inches square.

Details of hand quilting

Take a look at the detail. I quilted it hawaiian style shadow quilting ie following the motif inside and outside the patch.

More treasures of the past will be making its way soon to this blog. The stash busting must continue!!

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