Monday, July 24, 2006

Dishcloth Dillema

I've always wondered why anyone wanted to knit dishcloths.

I mean all that work and then they use it to do the dirty dishes.

Don't you feel the knitting crying out to be saved?

But what if you're not washing the dishes with them. What if your faithful net scrunchie gave up the ghost and refused to go back into it's natural scrunchy state? what if it's been so hot the past few days you've been having two showers a day and your face need a nice scrub??

Imagine an absorbent cushy textured soft cotton cloth is washing your face. It has bright and happy colours. The pattern has just the right amount of texture for the most gentle abrasions. It costs half the cost of a good net bath scrunchie from Body Shop ( not the type that gets untied within a month).

Oh Help! I can't stop knitting them now!!

Sugar n creme yarn came from a swap with Carrie (no blog) and the pattern is from here. I was inspired by the loads of Mason Dixon dishcloths to be found here.

Now that the personal hygiene crisis is over, I got to go back to my heels and toes socks.

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