Monday, July 31, 2006

Fun Time

I've joined two new fun knitting games - Sock Wars and Lace Swap.

Sock Wars is a sock swap with a difference. It reminds me of some similar game we played in school camps. The process of elimination continues until one is left standing as the winner. Plus it really fits my mood for socks lately.

Lace Swap is just a great way to send away some of my extensive lace yarn stash and get some more in exchange. Wonder if that still counts as stashbusting??

I'm gonna be quite quiet in the next two weeks cos my sister is here and she's pushing me to finish the various WIPS I promised her, namely the Plaza cardigan and the Heels and Toes socks I'm working on. And I managed to get the DVDs of SHARPE!!

Yes that is Sean Bean!!

I'm out of here.

PS The secret something that I have been clearing out my room for is here and is waiting for a good day for me to take a photo. I will be back to post some photoes once I get some decent light. Bloody rain this morning caused a jam and made me 1 hour late for work.

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