Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Friends

Last saturday I met a new friend, Ling who was visiting from London. It's always a little awkward to explain this to the family, "I'm off on an internet date with a knitter from London," and leave them wondering why on earth I was meeting strange people I have never met before just because they knit.

In truth , I am always a bit apprehensive about meeting new people. I am a bit shy and I never assume that I am going to get along with every knitter I meet. There's bound to be just that one bad apple that will wind up spoiling the whole bunch. Thankfully Ling was very very sweet and I felt quite comforted. She was almost like an old friend.

She brought my last stash purchase of the year 2006, a bag of Rowan Calmer in Blush. I now have total of 15 balls in this colourway (although in 2 colour lots). Can you imagine?? I am rich in Calmer. It's all I can do just to stop myself from just diving into the pile.

She also gave a gift - a skein of HipKnits 100% wool (I think it's sock yarn).

Thanks Ling!!!

The funny thing is Jackie joined us a little later and both she and Ling were puzzling out why they looked so familiar. After a little backtracking and family history, they discovered that they were neighbours when they were in school! How freaky is that! They Were old friend after all.

Speaking of old friends - I dragged out this UFO and finally finished it.

Well it still needs the edging around the neck and bottom and a very stern blocking. I've been playing around with crochet edgings and settled a very simple net.

More pics once I am done with the edging.


Ling said...

It was definitely lovely to meet you too. I'm always glad to help enhance someone else's stash!!!

BTW, the sock yarn is from Posh Yarn ( It's Lucia but I forget the name of the colourway!

Sally said...

Hmmm...sounds like I missed a good Meet :(
Love your Posh Yarn too. Looking forward to some luncheon yarn talks with you when we're office neighbours!

opportunityknits said...

I just got some Calmer Blush too!