Monday, January 23, 2006

Sock It To Ya!

Not much of a post but an update on one half of the Jaywalker socks.

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My son calls it the crayon socks and wants on too. So I'll be making a pair of plain ribbed ones for him using the same yarn. BTW GGH Sprint is a cotton yarn but it is absolutely cushy and lovely to work with.

I want to say hello to some new commentors.

Alison - That's some nice roving you got there. Thanks for your comments on the Crossed in Translation knit.
Liz from the UK. Thanks for your comments on trinity. I actually have 2 lots of Trinity - Violet and Hibiscus. I've knitted the Violet before and it doesn't feel as bad as the Hibiscus which was a very "oily". Strange huh!
Tutleymutley I love your blog name. Hope you enjoy your trip to Thailand in October.
Jessie - what a great collection of Hiakus you have there! Thanks for organising the haiku contest.

For all of you who commented on the Crossed in Translation Knit - I am going to keep going with Cotton Ease. I have decided to go down a needle size and will post the small progress I made on the sleeves later.

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