Monday, December 11, 2006

Must-have yarn in your stash

When I first started knitting years ago, as a student, I didn't have much disposable income - so I would only buy enough yarn for one project at a time. In fact I sometimes had to use a layby - where I buy about 4 balls to start off and got the LYS to keep the rest of the pack for me to get later.

Whne I started knitting again about 2 and half years ago, I fell victim to the joys of unlimited credit ( well to a point, even I have a limit to how much I can spend on yarn) and started to buy everything on sale in sight.

Lucky for me, stash is almost always recyclable and as the years go by, one gets a knack for what type of yarns one really likes and learn to be a bit more selective when buying yarn. That is not to say I am not tempted by a bargain or two every once in a while.

I've noticed lately I have some definite must-have in my stast. What's a must-have yarn? A must-have yarn is normally:

1. ... a yarn that is soo precious you must keep in your stash at all times.
2. ... you probably almost never use it and if you do, you have to buy a second lot to replace what you used as soon as you can.
3. ... you probably have about 2 bags of 10 for each colour that you buy or you will forever regret it becuase 1 bag of 10 may not be enough for the one project that would be perfect for the yarn.
4... you probably have it on one of your favourite searches on ebay.
5. If, God forbid, it is ever discontinued - you have the overwhelming urge to screw themortgage and start buying up as many bags you can.

My list of Must-have yarn includes:-

1. Rowan Calmer
2. Rowan All Seasons Cotton
3. Cascade 220
4. Jaggerspun Zephyr
5. Socks that Rock
6. Koigu

What's your must have yarn??

BTW I am selling some of my not-so must-have yarn to make room for the other.
Check my destash blog for details

And just so it won't be a pic- less blog - here's my latest spinning

Grape cormo 2-ply
roughly DK weight and slightly underplied

Yes I am spinning a little. That's a story I'll leave for another post.

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