Friday, February 18, 2005

Secret Pal

I think I have the best secret pal ever!!

On valentine's day I received a $20.00 gift voucher from Amazon - whooo!
Then the next day I received a little postcard from her with recipe for Southern Fried Chicken.
And yesterday I got another package containing the Knitter's pocketbook - a journal where I can keep track of my stash and projects- and a kit to make a beaded clown fish which is too cute.

I surfed around Amazon a bit before deciding which books to buy and I settled on

Spin It - by Lee Raven - of course so I can learn a little more about what I am doing with that Spindle.

Knit Socks - cos I want to try knitting socks and don't have a clue where to begin.

Thanks Secret Pal Mwahh mwahh!!!

The other big news is .....


I sewed the last seam yesterday at 2.30 am. My little boy has a fever and I was waiting up to give him his last dose at 3.00 am, so what better activity to keep me awake then seaming? Let's just say today is not a good day to be talking to me about quantum physics or asking me to operate heavy machinery.

I put it on immediately to have look at myself in the mirror and ... hmmm. although I am pretty happy overall- I just have to knit pick a little on this project.

1. I have the sloping shoulders - perhaps it's to do with the seaming - perhaps If I used a binding stitch instead of a mattress stitch to seam the shoulders, it might tighten up the top a little.

2. I liked this pattern partly because the front left and right looked as if it was cut away - ie slimmer at the bottom - gradually increasing to the bottom of the collar than decreasing back. Mine just hangs straight down and looks kind of limp.
If I ever do this again, I'd probably draft it out and do the increase - decrease myself. Or I may put a little button flap at the back of the jacket to pull in the waist a little.

3. I love this chevron stitch - it really shows off the Noro colourway and I am happy with the colour way I choose. BUT after putting it on for less that 10 minutes, I was already swimming in my own perspiration. Also I don't like the heavy drape, it seems to detract from the lovely pattern. I am very tempted to try this again using a double knit cotton yarn with similar variegations - a yarn that doesn't hang so heavily.

I will be putting up a pic - just as soon as I block the collar.

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