Monday, April 04, 2005


In my short yarn fast last month I seemed to have accumulated a very long list of stuff I really reallly want. I actually did break my yarn fast by making a totally impulsive Best Offer on eBay for a lot of Noro Silk Garden in the colourway #88. Oh and an order for some Malabrigo yarn from the yarn co-op group.

I thought I'd put up a pared down list of what I am looking for in the next few months.

If anyone would like to sell their copy of any of the magazines I covet below - please email me.

Phildar Ete 2004
Can't seem to find an english version.

Knitters Summer 2004
I'd love to do this Lily of the Valley shawl.

One skein of green based KPPPM and Charlotte's web shawl pattern
Do you know I have been trying to place an order for this but have been faced with shipping being ridiculously high at Patternworks, and colours out of stock at Threadbear and pattern out of stock at Kaledeiscope yarn.

The following yarns are listed in no particluar order, just what will probably be my next purchases -whenever I find a good deal on any.

Jaeger Siena ( any colour but white)
RYC Cashcotton DK in Quartz
Elann's Alpaca Silk or Baby Cashmere
Hand Painted yarn in Candy Colorway
KSH in Trance (as many balls as it takes)

And after that I just... might... go for another long yarn diet.

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