Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Phantom smells!

Something is firing the wrong synapses in my brain. I keep smelling perfume and it doesn't smell like the one I sprayed on. What's worst, it's making me feel quite sick. Maybe I've stretched my tolerance to my favourite perfume (Diorissimo) to the limits.

Now that I've bored you with the trivialities of my life, on to the knitting news. Lyn and I have discovered another knitter in our neighbourhood. She doesn't have a blog but she introduced us to another knitting shop just opened in a shopping mall near my house. It's a tiny place called Knit Knit Lane filled with mostly Katia yarn, some Online and a smattering of Japanese yarns as well. Interesting place, but I have to think hard about what I really want to get. Something new for me huh! I did get a couple of Addi Turbos at a good price, one for me and one to send to my Secret Pal.

Meanwhile I've been revisiting old projects.

My languishing Corset

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I am using GarnStudio Cotton Viscose which has been my stash for the longest time. It looks a little small but I am hoping it will stretch a little after blocking. There's a seriously wonky line where you can see I have left it on the needles for some time. Why does yarn do that I wonder?

The yarn gleams but is very slippery and stitch definition is not the best. I hope blocking will repair the wonky stitches and the uneven rib. I'm just about halfway through the bust decrease so am about a third of the way through.

I just realise after working on this project, that I really do not like mercerised cotton. Give me a loftier yarn with a bit of "sproing" next time. Like ASC.

Which brings me to Samus -

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The photo was taken last week and I have finished 3 repeats so far during my lunchtime. I could do one repeat a day but I was much distracted by Civilisation 4. When you're really sick of the politics and back biting at work, spending a bit of time at lunch playing at being God helps one's sanity.

Anyway I do love the Saxon braid although I have made a couple of mistakes - can you spot them?

Mimi tagged for a meme but I haven't gotten round to taking pictures yet. It's hard to get natural daylight. In the morning I have a habit of rushing and it's dark by the time I get home. I really will get cracking in the next few days.

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