Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let's go to the Zoo!

Not a knitting update - only a little post on what I did during the weekend.
We took our three year old and his two and half year old girlfriend to the zoo.

** Warning - Graphic Heavy**
As with all trips involving small cute children- there are a lot more photoes of the children not much of the animals so if you want to see a very good blog entry about Malacca Zoo and its inhabitants, go here.

Hello We're here

Greg and Megan wave hello - spot the macau in the background.

Click for Marmoset and baby

Greg and daddy pose but Greg's still a little traumatised by the mummy marmoset and her baby ( bottom left) he just saw.

Daddy Marmoset
And here's the daddy marmoset.


Greg starts to get the hang of smiling into the camera with giraffes in the background.

Here's the train

Never attempt to walk the whole length of the zoo on a hot Saturday afternoon - thank goodness for the mini train. Actually the zoo is very shady and has plenty of places to rest but with 3 year olds it was easier for the parents to hop on to the train.

Great for a giggle

I think the loveliest sound on earth is the sound of children laughing.

Tuckered out

And this is the whole reason we decided to go to the zoo. Nothing like a good long walk to persuade a hyperactive 3 year old to have a nap.

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