Monday, April 24, 2006

Lap up the Lapels

The Salina front is done and I have only the sleeves to do!

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I know it's a bit of an odd angle and you know Trinity is almost impossible to photograph. The colour looks like royal blue but in reality it is a lot more violet.

But check out those lapels. I love it!

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It's pretty simple to do. Where a normal v neck front will have decreases at the neck edge, in this case just knit straight. Instead increase the moss stitch pattern by one stich on every row. Once the neck is finished, you only need to fold back the two flaps and there you go - a nice little lapel.

And here's a little taste of a mystery project I am working on.

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Oh and I signed up for Dye-o-rama . Can't wait to get started.

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