Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Floating Around

I'm actually dreading the end of this project.

I always feel like this when I'm approaching the end of a project.. This general malaise that comes after too much anticipation, racing to the finish line. It happens when most often when I’m playing pool and I’m on the last shot for the black after potting 3 balls in a row or something. The black’s usually in a nice position, not too easy and not too hard and if it was anything but the black ball, I would have aced it. But … then something always goes wrong and … well you know the rest. I miss the shot, and my husband coaching from the sidelines will shake his head and say, “No Killer Instinct” .

So often after I finish the pieces and then seam it up and try it on … and there’s this *bleah* flat feeling. I look into the mirror and go “I guess it’s ok….”

The consolation is that
1. I have stash busted 5 balls of yarn.
2. I’ve substituted yarn successfully and love the effect, so much so I want to get more Trinity.
3. I will have completed a project in just over one month and have actually been quite faithful to this one project.
4. It's a usable top for this weather. I haven't wasted all that time making something I'll wear only to the next trip up the highlands just because I love doing cables.

The fact that I am contemplating Hattie for my next project just shows how I am just setting myself up again. I guess it's the curse of being a process Knitter.

See my boy! At least he's getting the hang of floating.

Anyway I've decided make an effort to be more organised. I need to take a good hard look at my stash. So many odd balls of novelty yarn and some completely illogical purchases, yarn bought because they just look nice as a ball.

I've always liked the look of art scarves with different yarn and textures. So I've done something different to those one or two balls of odd yarn I bought when I started to get back into knitting. Instead of stranding them together to make a scarf, I'm tying them at regular intervals.

My first effort..

Earth and moss

Bigger lots on normal yarn like Koigu, Cherry Tree Hill are on sale at my destash site.

PS I'd like to welcome Krista to the Tri- Knit-y KAL

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