Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sad day

I had a bad week and it's only wednesday.

I've been in the lovely island of Borneo over the weekend for work and really thought it was going to be a great week. BUT on Monday I pronged my car. My lovely zippy 4 wheel drive tiny car that sometimes doubles as a stash cupboard. The left headlights and mudguards are crumpled and ripped away. This is what happens when I was inattentive and didn't brake in time.

I spent the whole of Tuesday running errands from the insurance company to the mechanic. That precious day of that I had set aside to do some dyeing for Dye-o-Rama.

The only consolation is to return home to this

In fact I'm not sure if I was going to laugh or cry. The yarn is 100% silk and sooooo beautiful as well as soooo ruinously expensive. I don't know if it is worth it or not but as in many Kim Hargreaves kits, it's all in the packaging. Have a look at the HandMaiden website and you see what I mean. Isn't it just droolifying?

But how many other smaller yarn companies have similar products but not the means to create such beautiful pictures and lovely tags?

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