Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Salina, Salina

First of all got to apologise for the PMS rant in the previous post. I do get the blues monthly and couple with the fact I also get the blues when I am about to "finish" something. Can't quite explain it - maybe I just find it hard to let go. The mounds of stash from various crafts in my house is a testament to that.

Anyways here is Salina (sans the cuffs for the sleeves)

Forgive the picture quality, you don't want to know where this was taken but suffice to say it's a place that has a huge mirror and lots of light.

As you can see it's shorter than I had expected. I think my boobs are dragging up the hemline. If I were to do this again I'd make the division for the neck lower and the torso longer. It fits great though, I even have a shell underneath and it's not skin tight. If it grows an inch width and length, the fit would be perfect.

I've decided to do a short sleeve version, and I haven't decided what to do with cuffs yet. hopefully I'll get that done my tonight and try to take some picture in natural sunlight with less messy hair.

Lyn and I were discussing sizing the other day and I've come to realise that I haven't found that magic formula yet. When I was much younger and thinner, I remember only following the pattern for the required size and had no problems with sweaters being too small or too short (although I always had an issue with sleeves - always too long.) Now that I don't have an 21 year old body anymore, I have to find that perfect ratio, what number to cast on for which weight of yarn and what length to make for my body.

Anyways on to my next project.
I bought this japanese pattern book European Knits from Lyn and I like quite a few of the projects in it. Here are my favourites

I'm leaning toward starting the Lace Cardigan on the bottom right. With a longer torse this time.

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