Monday, May 22, 2006

Growing up

When my hand dyed yarn grows up I want it be like this -

Very Berry hand dyed yarn from Over the Rainbow ebay shop
I don't think she has this colourway anymore though

You wouldn't know to look at it but it has bits of gold, light blue, lavender, pink as well as the overall plum. How does she get it to dye that way?? Does she just put all the colours in the the pot and hope that it falls on the yarn and dye it before it mixes up into a grey mush?

I speak of this because of my dismal Dyeing failure this weekend. It's like the goddes of dyeing (whoever she may be) just left me after 3 succesful dye jobs. I guess after a certain time I can't rely on luck to get nice colours. Either that or I need to get me some proper dyes instead of experimenting with silk dyes that don't stick.

A good hand dyed yarn will behave beautifully even when it is not being knitted.

Yes I know, I've been playing with my vintage weave-it - the older version of Weavettes - the new tool taking the crafting world by storm, courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

Have a look at some other websites and blogs with more information on this cute and handy tool.

eLoomaNation - an excellent resource for the different types of hand looms and various project ideas.
Cosmicpluto knits - I wait every week with baited breath to see what new squares she produces.
Jessimuhka knits
Booga J

But what to do with these little squares?? well hey *blank stare* I'm supposed to make something out of them??

Latest update: I dropped by a baking shop and got some Wilton's. More progress on the dyeing tonight, I hope.

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